J.L. Casajuana was born as a law firm in 1976, founded by our directing partner José Luis Casajuana Espinosa. Since then, the firm offers its services to companies and particulars, for national and international legal advisory, defence before Courts and arbitration proceedings.

During these 40 years we have maintained the highest professional standards. In addition we have learnt the new needs arisen in the last years. The client has always requests close treatment from his lawyer of trust; however demands nowadays a specialised lawyer for each problem, someone with expertise and experience in a concrete legal area.

The evolution of our law firm has come accompanied by those new standards. We now count with differentiated departments based on the subject, integrated by expert lawyers for each law matter.

Our wish is to distinguish ourselves by a high quality service, punctuality, teamwork, personal and direct treatment; permanent and reliable updates. Objectives to be aimed by means of the specialisation of each department, attended by qualified and specialist professionals; which allows a global perspective for every aspect of the case and coordinated measures to be applied.

The secret of our succeed liens in combining the experience of a traditional office, with a modern specialised team organisation and a balanced structure, which permits to offer a personalised treatment with the best quality / price ratio in the market.


Our Values

We would never have been able to grow without characterising ourselves for solid principles and values in our legal practice. They have entitled out brand with a close and honest image.


Our vocation is at the service of those who need to solve a concrete problem. The defence of our clients’ interest is our main objective, for which it is necessary to create a relationship on the grounds of maximum transparency and confidence.

Personalised Attention.

The client must know the lawyer who is entrusted to assume the case, and receive punctual information of new updates. It is our wish to promote your confidence framework with the professional who attends and advises you.


We will never assume the defence of your problem if there are no specialised lawyers in our team for that purpose. Our differentiated departments of Civil, Business, Labour, Administrative, Criminal and Insurance Law, guarantee that you will be attended by an expert lawyer in the requested area.


JL Casajuana is a team of lawyers with vocation. One thing that joins our team is the love for the Law, the legal study, the defence of rights and interests, and an unconditional disposal for achieving the solution for the facing problem.

Honesty in prices.

We choose the most beneficial fee criteria for the client. We are aware that client’s satisfaction has been the key to grow as a legal firm. It is crucial for us that the client considers our fees as fair and appropriate.