Civil Law

Our Firm provides our clients with extrajudicial assistance and services of defense in Court in the scope of private Law. The matters we have more frequently intervened in are:

    • Redacción y negociación de contratos
    • Contracts drafting and negotiation
    • Unpaid debts
    • Compensation and contractual or non-contractual damages
    • Implementation of systems and guidance according to the Data Protection Law
    • User’s and consumer’s claims
    • Inheritance declarations assistance, partition of inheritances, inheritance proceedings
    • Legal proceedings for disabilities and constitution of the guardianship
    • Execution of foreign judgments in Spain (exequatur)
    • Agency contracts
    • Associations and other non-profit entities constitution and guidance
    • Intellectual Property

Our expert lawyers in Civil Law will attend all your questions, either in Madrid or in the rest of Spain. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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