Business Law

We cover all the necessities derived from business legal issues, with clear professional vocation for companies’ assistance, especially SMEs. In this field are worthy of mention:

  • Any issues related to business entities, such as constitution of companies, continual assistance to its managing bodies, merges, acquisitions, divisions, restructuring measures of companies, dissolutions and liquidations, etc..
  • Challenging of company resolutions before the relevant Court
  • Liability actions against directors
  • Acquisitions of companies or branch or activity, either in the Spanish territory or abroad, including negotiation and documentation
  • Inland, air and maritime transport of goods or individuals, including claims against airline companies for any reason
  • Legal treatment of distribution agreements and all its legal and economic derivations
  • Legal actions against financial entities claiming for damages to individuals and companies in bank operations
  • Assistance and advising regarding personal and bank guarantees
  • Exchange legal proceedings
  • Arbitration in Business Law before different arbitration courts

Our expert lawyers in Business Law will attend all your questions, either in Madrid or in the rest of Spain. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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