International presence

Present and future times in our Firm have an undeniable link with the international panorama. We currently maintain professional relationships with foreign associations and clusters, and count with a team of professionals educated with clear international profiles. Our team is capable to attend and work in English, French, German, Italian and Romanian.

Progressively our clients’ portfolio has been growing in number of national companies, entrepreneurs and particulars with interests abroad. In the same way, we keep substantively expanding the quota of foreign clients who request our services to invest in our country, and in other surrounding countries of the European Union.

For that purpose we count on our lawyer’s experience, some of whom has educational and professional background abroad, and awareness of the essential standards for international negotiations or personal treatment with other culture’s professionals. Among our specialities, are worth to be mentioned the international commercial advisory, international business contracts, international criminal liability, extraditions or immigration.

National and international network

JL Casajuana is present in the principle European cities as founder partner of NetIure and member of the international law firms’ network Lawlink.

In particular, the belonging of our Firm to the international lawyers’ network, contributes to our service with a differential fact and with a range of competitive advantages which help our international clients or Spanish multinationals to obtain the best legal advisory in Spain and out of our borders.



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